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August 5, 2015

Soccer game California
Soccer is unquestionably the most popular sport in Europe and America. It has the most dynamic and fascinating history in the world of sports. Soccer was being played in china during the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC as per early evidence of soccer. Roman and Greeks used to play this sport for fun only. It is said that the early evolution of the modern soccer started in England. There are many self-made stories but when it has really started is a question that has no accurate answer. This game is about three thousand years old. The origin of new and modern soccer must be attributed to Britain. Scotland and England are the co-founder of this sport and it is also known as association football, worldwide.

Soccer Team

Soccer Team

The role of a coach is very important in this game. There are two coaches: head coach and assistant coach. Having a good coach is an important part of the game.

Robert Vincent Peace is an ex-youth soccer coach. Born in California, Los Angeles. He started his career from California as a soccer coach. He is a coach with the Irvine Blades from the year December 2010 to February 2011. At the age of 45 he has gain so much of appreciation and respect. Robert Vincent Peace is among the best soccer coach of all the time. In addition to this, he has also coached other children’s soccer teams. He has all the features that a good soccer coach should have. He not only has the deep knowledge of the soccer but also have other features that makes him the best coach ever.

soccer ball

Soccer Ball

Robert Vincent Peace believes that a good soccer team should not only concentrate on the physical and the technical requirements but more than that. He always proved to be a great role model for his fans and the soccer players. He teaches his players about the importance of having a positive attitude. During an interview when he was asked how his team is best and what makes them best. So he replied very confidently that “it is only the positive attitude and I believe to rely things on myself before I teach them”. Robert Peace Vincent has always built a friendly relationship with his team. He understands their emotions and mental abilities and it makes easy for him to develop strategies that could boost them more consequently. His targets are always focused. He understands how to envisage out that aim to the players’ minds. Robert Peace Vincent’s contribution to this game is remarkable.

This a game played between two teams of eleven members. It is played in about 200 countries by 250 million players approximately. The laws of the game were basically codified by The Football Association in England in the year 1863. This Association is directed by FIFA i.e. International Federation of Association Football. This Association organizes world cup after every four years.

The sport is played on a field which is rectangular in shape having goal at each end. The purpose of the game is to score by getting the ball into the opposite goal. The Players are not allowed to touch the ball by hand during the game. They can hit the ball by feet or strike it by the head. Then there is a goal keeper who is allowed to touch the ball with their arms or hands. In the end the team that scores the most goal wins. If a situation arises that both the team score the same, then either a draw is declared or the game goes to an extra time/or according to the format of the competition penalty shootout
is considered. There are about 17 laws described below:

Soccer Game

Soccer Game

17 laws of Soccer Game:

•    The Field of Play :It gives an outline of the dimensions of the field. Various regulation lengths are set according to the requirement.

•    The ball: It describes the size of the soccer ball. It should be spherical in shape and made up of leather or other similar medium.

•    Number of players: Two teams have 11 players each including the goal keeper.

•    Player’s Equipment: It includes the dress of each player i.e. a jersey, shorts, socks, shin guards, and cleats is must.

•     The Referees :In any game, a referee is a important authority and anything he says is a law. Any player cannot question his decision.

•     The Assistant Referee: The assistant referee is the one who assists the referee.

•    Duration of the game:  This law describes the duration of the match. A soccer match usually comprises of two 45-minute halves and an extra time for referee’s preference.

•    Start of Play : Kick off and Drop ball:  A kick off is used to start a game or to restart a game after a goal has been scored. It is also used to start the second half or a new quarter. Drop ball is played when a game is stopped by the referee by any reason other than the rule violation.

•    Ball In and Out of Play:  This condition arises when the ball crosses the goal line or the touch line.

•    Method of Scoring: When the ball has crossed the goal line within the frame of the goal, a goal is scored.

•    Offside:  Offside occurs when the ball is passed to the player, not when he received the ball.

•    Fouls and Misconduct:   There are 9 major fouls or penal of soccer and 7 minor fouls or non-penal of soccer.

•    Free kick: Two types of kick are there: direct kick, in which goal is scored directly by kicking the ball directly into the goal; and indirect kick, in which a goal is scored only when the ball is touched by more than one or by one player from any team.

•    Penalty kick: When the player from the opposite team commits a penal or major foul within the penalty area, penalty kick is granted.

•    Throw-in:  When a holding team plays a ball that out of the bound and not within the touchline, a throw-in is granted.

•    Goal kick:  When an offensive player kicks ball out of the bound and not within the touch line, a goal kick is granted.

•    Corner kick:  When a defensive team plays out of bound over its goal line then the ball is passed to the offensive team, and thus this is known as corner kick.

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